Technology Innovation & Implementation

The Center for Educational Innovation is leading an initiative to help teachers and school leaders harness the power of open educational and instructional technologies to implement best practices in contemporary education.


The Educator and Student Open Learning (EASOL) initiative brings together educators and technology developers to create, refine and implement “open” technologies that help improve teaching and learning. EASOL applies the concept of “open” to all aspects of the initiative: teacher and school leader practices, educational resources, professional learning and technology tools. By “open,” we mean transparent, shared, collaborative, easily accessible, supportive and customizable:

  • Educators open the doors of their classrooms and schools to engage in practices such as peer reviews, instructional rounds, co-teaching/team teaching, mentoring, professional learning community (PLC)-based collaborative inquiry, working with Ed-Tech developers to refine technologies, and more.
  • Educators utilize and share highly accessible resources by drawing from and contributing back to Open Educational Resource (OER) learning registries, common assessment banks and professional growth resource libraries.
  • Educators utilize and help develop open source educational technologies in order to help refine Ed-Tech tools and resources so that they meet the needs of real world classrooms and allow for broad, effective adoption by other educators.

EASOL uses a “high tech, high touch” approach to support schools and educators in this “open” initiative. CEI’s team of experienced educators provide blended professional support and training to help educators integrate technologies with research-based instructional practices. The EASOL technology platform gives educators a comprehensive online environment where they can access resources and tools aligned with the research-based practices.

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