Save the Date for CEI’s Annual Gala on November 30, 2016

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For more information, please contact: Barbi Zakin,


CEI’s annual benefit dinner celebrates the dedication and commitment of educational innovators whose work aligns with our mission: to make the school the center and driving force for education reform and innovation. Leaders who recognize that while “systemic change” is necessary, authentic and sustainable change happens by investing in the individual schools and educators who work with our students day in and day out.

Funds raised at the CEI benefit dinner go to support CEI’s program – Project BOOST: Building Options and Opportunities for Students. Project BOOST is an enrichment program launched in 2003 that runs during both the school day and after school time to provide students from low-income communities with the “boost” they need to compete with their more affluent peers. By participating in community service, academic and cultural enrichment programs, wellness activities, and collaborative projects both within and across schools, these students gain long-term academic success and achieve social, emotional, and physical wellness.