Mark your Calendars: Upcoming Communications talk by Dr. Marjorie Heymann

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marjorie heymann

Dr. Marjorie Heymann, a long time friend of CEI and consultant since 2009, will be on BlogTalk Radio to discuss Improving the Communication Skills of Medical Professionals on March 31st at 3:00pm.

This talk will be based on her work with medical professionals but Dr. Heymann will be discussing the same techniques she utilizes to train CEI teachers, counselors, and parents in communication – being present, active, listening, and active empathy.

Drawing from her professional background in theatre as well as her academic work in psychology and education, Dr. Heymann created this unique program, Communication Through Theater, specifically to improve the lives of children and families.Dr. Heymann has worked with many CEI schools and is currently working with teachers and parent counselors at MS 324M. CEI also worked with Dr. Heymann during the planning and implementation of the Healthy Schools, Healthy Students, and Learning for Life Program.

For more information, please watch Dr. Heymann’s video here or visit BlogTalk Radio here.