What it Means to be Ed-Fi Powered Right From the Start(up)

CEI Guest Blogs for the Ed-Fi Alliance

CEI joined the Ed-Fi Alliance to solve a common problem for educational data systems: the need for a data standard that could ensure interoperability. Now we are sharing our experiences with start-ups at the EDGE ed-tech accelerators so that they can learn that being Ed-Fi aligned can make it possible for them to:
  • Go beyond just pulling student rosters into their apps. With Ed-Fi, they can align their apps with myriad data points such as student assessment data, instructional time and teacher assignments.
  • Use this data to demonstrate how they deliver on the specific goals of their applications, which is the true “proof of concept” that they need in order to convince educators to use their apps.
  • Fully respect student privacy, fulfill the mandates of FERPA and help ensure that students using their tools are good online citizens.