By: Harvey Kaplan

The Longwood Academy of Discovery (08X333), a Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) supported school, recently held a pancake breakfast to celebrate students with perfect attendance for the month of March.  What made the breakfast a memorable one was that the pancakes were made from scratch by the principal, Robert German, administrators and members of the attendance committee.

The  students who were invited to the breakfast were being acknowledged for their outstanding achievement in attendance for the month as well as for the year.  The celebration was in keeping with the school’s attendance improvement initiative and was a perfect way to recgonize student success.

Students had a choice of  a wide range of toppings for their pancakes including strawberries, blueberries, chocolate chips, bananas, whipped cream and syrup!

According to Lissette Santana, Assistant Principal,  she knew the breakfast was a success when the students clamored for seconds.  Ms Santana said “Mr. German had the longest line for his pancakes as the students wanted to see for themselves if their principal could really cook.”

Mr. German said “the students loved eating the pancakes  as much as I loved cooking for them and that it was a terrific way to say thank you.”

Everyone  had a great time at the breakfast and needless to say our students are  looking forward to the next celebration. Special events to acknowledge attendance, academic achievement and individual responsibility are aligned with the school’s overall P.B.I.S. philosophy and help to reinforce positive behavior.