News 12 Highlights the Bronx High School of Business Music Program!

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via News 12 The Bronx – link to the original article

The Bronx High School of Business is helping students express their creativity and produce tunes with their music production program.

Kevin Boodoo, a junior and future audio engineer, says he’s always had an interest in music, but the program has taught him much more about the beats he’s creating.

“It’s basically from you, from your personality and it defines you,” he says.

The program started in the fall of 2016 by the Center for Education Innovation and the Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation, allowing 20 students to diverge into different aspects of music.

“It keeps kids off the streets because if this is what you want to do then you’re here that extra hour and who knows what could happen on the street for that extra hour when you’re here making music,” says student Carlos Garcia.

The program runs for an hour after school on Mondays and Tuesdays, but many others come every day to create.

“I think exposing students to these opportunities will really get kids to be more motivated to come to school and show what they’re passionate about,” says Principal Alice Bajana Vega.

The music production program consists of some producers, rappers, songwriters and people on the business management side creating a niche for everyone.

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