CEI Collaboration with Kamp Kenan

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The Center for Educational Innovation is proud to announce a collaboration with Kamp Kenan.

Kamp Kenan is a reptile breeding and conservation haven in Southern Florida, owned and operated by former pro BMX rider and action sports TV personality, Kenan Harkin.  The sanctuary protects more than 400 exotic and endangered reptiles with a mission focused on educating children about the value of these creatures, and the challenges they face in the modern world.


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At Kamp Kenan, we believe there is a scientist in all of us and that education is the key to promoting a passion for discovery and understanding of the world around us.  By using “Live” interactive Virtual Field Trips to bring the amazing creatures of our reptile sanctuary into the classroom via Skype, we can reach hundreds of classrooms and inspire students who most likely have never been exposed to this ancient part of the animal kingdom.  Kenan Harkin has made it his life’s calling to use his entertainment skills to motivate young people to invest themselves in animal science and conservation, and he is doing just that each and every week. Interested schools can get their behind the scenes look at our sanctuary by visiting our website/YouTube channel at kampkenan.com.




If you’re interested in booking a Virtual Field Trip (VFT) using CEI Project BOOST funding, please contact Marsha Hamilton, CEI’s Project Boost Coordinator at mhamilton@the-cei.org.


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