American Students Learn about Agriculture in Denmark

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Original Post -Sjællandske Medier 2017 – By Sabine Lai Ovesen

Translated from Danish

Three young people from New York, USA visited Rabarberg Manor to learn more about growing vegetables and organic farming.

Proprietor of Rabarbergården, Louise Køster, showed three students and their principal from the school WildCat Academy in New York, USA, the farm area and what they use the land for. The students have never visited a farm before because they live and go to school in the concrete jungle of New York.




Wildcat Academy is a school where students who dropped out of other schools get a new chance at an education. They attend school and also participate in internships in order to gain valuable life and work experience.

“I think the most important thing about this trip is that they come out of their element. That they are being inspired to keep working on this and gain more knowledge about the ecological aspect”, says Ron Tabano, Principal of Wildcat.



On the tour, Louise Køster tells guests how they cultivate the soil and have a holistic focus on the Rabarberg estate.

“It’s exciting to be here. I have tried a lot of new things, such as eating a flower! It brings a whole new dimension to a salad. I wish I could take some home”, says 20-year-old Savian Eugene.