The Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) is a nonprofit education organization located in New York City. A recognized leader in advancing meaningful reforms in public education, CEI’s mission is to make the school the center and driving force of public education reform and innovation. We work directly with teachers, school leaders, and the community to create the schools their children need to succeed. Our vision is to help build a public education system where every child has access to an excellent school. To that end, we provide support services and programs for public schools as well as online communications to inform the general public about what is going on in our public schools and how we can all help build excellence in public education.CEI carries forward the history of two respected public education organizations that merged in 2000: the Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) and the Public Education Association (PEA). CEI was first established in 1989 as a component of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research and aimed to transform public education by shifting accountability from bureaucracies to schools as a means of creating public school choice for communities. The Public Education Association (PEA) was founded in 1895 and for over 100 years worked for systemic and sustainable reform of the city’s public school system. For 15 years, the organization used both names together and was known as the “Center for Educational Innovation – Public Education Association” (CEI-PEA). While today the name is shortened to just CEI, we maintain the ideals and mission of both organizations.

“Children don’t attend a public educational system, they go to school. That is why the school must be the center of change”

– Sy Fliegel, CEI President & Gilder Senior Fellow